Lorimer Studios offers a custom line of stains and finishes based on historic precedent but adapted for contemporary living. We offer a wide range of rich colors that enhance the natural beauty of wood. We can also create a custom blend or match any wood sample.

We pride ourselves on the beauty and durability of our stains and finishes. While we strive to match the shades as closely as possible, please be aware that every board takes on color differently. Even when stained, the exact same shade on rough grain will look darker than on smooth grain. These variations enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

For our seals we use a proprietary blend that protects and shields the wood. In addition, our seals have an elasticity that does not inhibit the natural movement of the wood fibers through the life of the table. We like it because it makes the table hearty and durable without stressing the wood but we love it for the easy care that it allows. Water beads up on our tables so you do not have to worry about spills. The only things to avoid are hot pans or kettles taken right off the stove. Also, be sure to use a mat when writing with a ballpoint pen. A ballpoint pen is actually quite sharp, and a slight impression can come through. Other than that, just relax and rest assured that a damp cloth will clean off just about anything and an occasional polish will provide a little surface sheen if you like that.