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Sitting down to talk with David Ellison is an occasion like no other. Filled with life, love, curiosity, and extreme care – his being consumes you. You forget to check the time, you become unphased by the vibrating phone in your pocket – time slows down, almost to the pace it was always meant to be. The smell of oak, cedar, pine, and walnut fill your senses, and it’s all just comfortable.

David and his passionate team somehow take this feeling and build something tangible from it. Not only are the finished tables stunningly beautiful, but they are pure comfortable. When they are complete it looks as they they have stood in the same place for 100 years. Seemlessly and effortlessly apart of their surroundings.

Originally born in Scotland, David moved to Providence in 1975 to work in the plastics industry. Upon retiring nearly 10 years ago, David began to follow his lifelong passion for building furniture and restoring wooden antiques. He opened a small woodworking shop on Lorimer Avenue in Providence. The goal then was to find a client, conceptualize their new family table over a cup of coffee, design, build, and deliver the table himself, and spend the evening with a client waxing poetic over a glass of wine before moving on to the next project. According to David, that lasted all of 30 days.

10 years later, David long outgrew his small, 1-man shop and moved to a beautiful new workshop on Manton Avenue in Providence. There he and his team are constantly turning out inspired pieces furniture every day.

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