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The Process

Step 1: The Discussion

All our tables crafted at Lorimer Studios are handmade to meet our customers’ individual needs. Each table we make is unique and built to satisfy our clients’ specifications and design parameters.

The process starts with an inquiry and then typically an email discussion. We work mainly through email and occasionally by phone. We are always happy to offer our experience and opinions regarding style, stain shade and table size. Using our library of photos and our web site we strive to provide a good sense of capabilities and options.

We try to arrive at all the necessary decisions before scheduling an order.  Regarding stain shades,  once the order is placed we send a package of high resolution printed cards in the mail that are essentially the same as the color palette on the website.  After we begin the building of your custom table, it is extremely difficult to make changes.

It is always very helpful to review photos of the space your table will eventually reside. This often helps find the best stain shade options. Lastly, if you live in the Rhode Island area or are just visiting, our great pleasure is to show off our workshop. A visit will really give a strong sense of the quality of our tables, the construction and our designs.

Step 2: Finalizing Details

Once we have arrived at the perfect specifications and details, we will create a proposal/ invoice. The invoice will reflect all information discussed. Table prices vary depending on materials, size, and style. However, we are truly committed to providing fairly priced tables and exceptional quality that will make your home feel truly special.

Step 3: Table Making

We begin to craft your table. The first stage is the creation of the table top. As a general rule, we rip and rejoin all our old boards or slabs to assure flatness by relieving the natural stress that is in all lumber. Once the top has been built we craft the base, scaled to accommodate the table top size. The next stage, after everything has been planed and sanded, is the application of stains. The final step is the multiple layers of clear coats that create our very rugged seal. All our tables can be wiped down with a damp cloth and are truly designed for everyday use.

We take a creative approach to building slab tables.  Our live edge tables are beautifully composed of slabs procured from entire flitches (whole tree trunks)  When necessary we incorporate premium same species lumber to achieve the width specifications.  Our small team of craftsmen and women thoughtfully join these selected boards with “finishing” techniques to ensure a seamless feel and very rugged durability.

Step 4: Shipping

We ship our tables all over the U.S. We arrange White Glove delivery service that will bring your table into your home and set it up. We can also ship and pack your table in heavy and durable wood crates for threshold delivery.

We accept all methods of payment. We utilize a secure payment system for credit card payments. If you are interested in knowing more about how to get the right table for your home, feel free to contact us.

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