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It’s always a pleasure creating custom salvaged tables for customers, and the table we just completed is no exception. One of our customers sent us beautifully aged boards from his Grandfather’s cabin. Each board had so much history, because they were carved with stories and then weathered by time. His grandfather left lasting memories that our customer has now preserved by reusing the boards in a spectacular new table.

By matching the boards, we were able to build a table that represented the aesthetic and feel of old wood and past times. We worked on the original boards so that the carvings could shine through more, and a note that had been carved ages ago became more visible. Not only is the table a functional centerpiece of furniture, it serves as a wonderful reminder of his grandfather as well a way to create new memories for his family someday.

The house:

originalThe salvaged boards:

DSC03218The table:


One of the carvings on the boards:

“Hunting and Fishing at Lake James From Dec. 3rd
Till Jan 6th
Bagged 48 Rabbits
10 Quails
10 Dukes
10 Pike
10 Perch Bluegills
Black Bass
Caught by The Sunny Brooke Five
The Line Up
John Evers
Martin Kress
Tayfield Frosch
Herman Hilker
Amnon Rieg”

Now the table resides in the original home, sealed and preserved, allowing the family to gather and remember at each meal.

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