Our team at Lorimer Studios is comprised of a small group of craftspeople with a wide range of talents. We are a mix of RISD, Pratt, and career woodworkers, and all have a deep passion for what we do. As a team we take enormous pride in not only the craftsmanship, but forming relationships with our clients.

  • Charles

    Charles has always had a passion for woodworking, and brings excitement and energy for the craft. In his spare time he enjoys bee keeping and collecting maple syrup.

  • Chris

    Chris has many years in the commercial and residential furniture business and very strong leadership experience. His passion goes from achieving productivity efficiencies to riding motor cycles.

  • David

    David, the founder of Lorimer Workshop, has had a strong passion for handmade furniture since his childhood in Scotland. David’s sense of design and drive for great service and quality continues to build our successful business.
    When he’s not at the shop, he loves to spend time with his grandchildren.

  • Madison

    Madison is an integral part of our team of craftsmen as well as handling many of our local deliveries. Madison is not only a dedicated worker; he is a published poet and a creative force for our team.

  • Nick

    Nick joined our team with substantial experience from the stone, marble and Granite world. As well as being a real team player craftsman, he is the very proud owner of a wonderful rescue dog.

  • Kaelyn

    Kaelyn, joined our team having gained a degree in organizational psychology. She brings a wealth of experience working in the custom woodworking and cabinet making industry. She owns dogs and cats and loves to travel.

  • Ryan

    Ryan, a Pratt Institute graduate brings an artistic touch to the form and finishes of our tables. He has a great sense of color and is an artist in his own right. When he’s not at the shop, he is in his studio working on projects from woodcarvings to paintings.

  • Zoe

    In addition to building tables, Zoe is a graduate of Brown University and a linguist, specializing in five different languages. She is organized and efficient and brings a sparkling smile to work each day.