Lorimer Studios

workshopmove14David Ellison, the founder of the Lorimer Studios, has had a lifelong fascination with antique handmade furniture. His interest in tables traces back to his childhood in Scotland. No matter his day job, he kept his passion for building and restoring at the forefront of his mind. In 2007 he left a 30-year corporate career to pursue his dream of building affordable handcrafted wooden tables.

The Lorimer Studios is located in the heart of industrial Providence, Rhode Island. David and his small crew are committed to quality, painstakingly crafting exactly the piece that each customer wants in their home or business.

We are really happy to connect with new people all over the globe with a shared interest in simple well-crafted tables. We make custom tables that last for families, designers, decorators and companies. We have shipped tables at reasonable rates to every state in the continental United States.

Our tables have been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, and ETSY’s Process blog.

In 2012 we moved the workshop in to a portion of an old mill in Providence, RI. Our workshop is located in The Cove Center formerly known as the Dyerville Mill (originally founded in 1849 by Elisha Dyer.) The Dyerville Mill manufactured fine calico cloth in the 19th Century. A dam in the nearby Woonasquatucket river powered the mill’s machinery. Today the Woonasquatucket River Greenway Bike Path snakes around the edge of the property.

Process, Materials + Values

David Ellison knows that his tables can be found at the heart of many homes, where families congregate each night to gather for meals and to entertain friends. This is why he spends so much of his time communicating with customers, listening to their individual needs and then guiding their decisions. He even updates them as their tables near completion, sending them photos along the way.

When making tables, the wood is everything. We care about where our wood comes from, just as much as we care about craftsmanship. We use very old wood whenever possible, but because of the nature of the salvaged wood market, availability can never be guaranteed. However, we will only use very dry and very well seasoned boards to assure great character and stability.

David travels frequently to search for aged materials and old growth wood to use in his creations. David is committed to converting the best and most interesting materials into quality furniture at reasonable prices. We treasure the unique details, which some might call flaws, in old lumber. Wood with history is more interesting and moreover using old growth and reused wood is the responsible thing to do.

No matter the source, we always use the same species of lumber to make each tabletop. We prefer a natural weathering process, which enhances the unique character of each of the boards. We store and stake our lumber for five seasons. This slow natural drying method insures the stability of lumber with the lowest moisture content possible.

We strive to be a zero waste shop. We try to find a use for every part of the lumber. What we cannot use we give away. We donate our sawdust to a no-kill horse sanctuary in Scituate, RI.

  • David

    David, the founder of Lorimer Workshop, has had a strong passion for handmade furniture since his childhood in Scotland. David’s sense of design and drive for great service and quality continues to build our successful business.
    When he’s not at the shop, he loves to spend time with his grandchildren.

  • Charles

    Charles has always had a passion for woodworking, and brings excitement and energy for the craft. In his spare time he enjoys bee keeping and collecting maple syrup.

  • Madison

    Madison is an integral part of our team of craftsmen as well as handling many of our local deliveries. Madison is not only a dedicated worker; he is a published poet and a creative force for our team.

  • Nick

    Nick joined our team with substantial experience from the stone, marble and Granite world. As well as being a real team player craftsman, he is the very proud owner of a wonderful rescue dog.

  • Ryan

    Ryan, a Pratt Institute graduate brings an artistic touch to the form and finishes of our tables. He has a great sense of color and is an artist in his own right. When he’s not at the shop, he is in his studio working on projects from woodcarvings to paintings.

  • Zoe

    In addition to building tables, Zoe is a graduate of Brown University and a linguist, specializing in five different languages. She is organized and efficient and brings a sparkling smile to work each day.